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Planning to host a web site with your own domain and own email eg. www.yourname.com/.in/.co.in/.net.in
with email ids like anythingyourname@yourname.com/.in/.co.in/.net.in

We can offer you the best hosting plans

Plans Disk Space Monthly Data Transfer Email Ids Yearly Price Domain Registration
Mini 100 MB 1000 MB 25 2,500/- Included
Budget 250 MB 2500 MB 50 5,000/- Included
Business 1000 MB 10000 MB Unlimited 10,000/- Included
E-com 5000 MB 50000 MB Unlimited 20,000/- Included
Super E-com 10000 MB 100000 MB Unlimited 30,000/- Included

Flamingo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, India. E-mail : flamingo@flamingo.in  ( No Junk Mail Please )